About Us

The Rutgers University Meteorology Club is a part of the Department of Environmental Sciences in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University. We strive to provide academic support for students in the major and is an organization for any Rutgers University students who are interested in Meteorology. The club is an official local chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association and as such we strive to apply the knowledge gained within the classroom and as a club to teach the community about Meteorology and the importance of science in general. We have meetings approximately once a month where we discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, and often have either a guest speaker or games. All Rutgers students who are interested are welcomed to stop by at any of our meetings and be a part of the Rutgers Meteorology Club! 

The first fall 2015 meeting of the Rutgers Meteorology Club

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