Meet the E-Board

President: Britney Truempy

Britney is a Senior majoring in meteorology with a minor in digital communication, information, and media. She loves gale force winds, cloud watching, long walks on the beach, and is an aspiring broadcast meteorologist

Vice President: Claudia Pukropski

Claudia is a senior meteorology major from South Jersey. She actively tries to be involved in school as much as possible through the meteorology club, weather watchers,  and spending time with friends. She is a lover of travelling, her dog,  and storm chasing. Post grad she hopes to obtain a job that is hands on with weather. 

Treasurer: Joseph Fogarty

Joey is a junior with a major in meteorology and a minor in both mathematics and environmental sciences. Although he is unsure of what he wants to do with weather, he knows he loves the mechanics and physics of how weather works. Outside of school, Joey loves to play keyboard and go to as many concerts and music festivals as he can.

Secretary:Valerie Thaler

Valerie is currently a junior majoring in meteorology and minoring in mathematics. She enjoys tracking severe weather and trying to convince her twin sister that climate change is real. In her free time, she likes to exercise, watch Criminal Minds, and tell people about how much she loves her nieces and nephews.

SEBS Governing Council Representative: Nicole Tallman 

Nicole is a senior meteorology major geology minor. She has been a part of the Meteorology club as well as WeatherWatchers for all 4 years she has been at Rutgers. Outside of meteorology club Nicole is also holds an executive board position in The Fraternity of Alpha Zeta and serves on the SEBS Governing Council. She loves lightning, volcanoes, archery, giving back to the community and the New York Giants!

Media Forecaster: Erin O'Neill

O’Neill, a sophomore at Rutgers , is the Media Forecaster of the Meteorology Club. In this position, she is responsible for submitting a four-day forecast to The Daily Targum Sunday through Thursday. When Erin is not writing forecasts for the Targum, she is studying to be a meteorologist and involved in various organizations on campus such as Delta Gamma Fraternity, RU-TV WeatherWatchers, and hopes to be more involved in the years to come. Before coming to college, Erin grew up in Hazlet, New Jersey with her two siblings and parents. She loved to go to the beach and be active. Growing up, she was always interested in the weather and severe storms. It led her to study it in college. Some fun facts about Erin are she was an Orientation Leader during Summer 2016 here at Rutgers, she does not eat any type of candy or chocolate, and  that she has an eternal love for ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza. 

AMS Coordinators: Alexa Trischler and Alexandra Skinner 

Alexa Trischler is a senior meteorology major and serves as one of the American Meteorological Society Coordinators for 2017. She has been a part of the club since her freshman year. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and spending as much time outside as possible! Also, she likes spending time with the weather squad!
Alexandra Skinner is a senior meteorology major. One of the AMS coordinators who has been involved with the club as well as WeatherWatcher for 4 years. Other hobbies include skiing, hiking, and keeping her head in the clouds.

March Photo Contest

March Photo Contest Winners

"So Long Old Man Winter"

1st place 
Alex Calamia : "Peace and Tranquility"
2nd place
Lenny Mendola : "A beautiful day in Killington, Vermont overlooking the snowy mountains after a foot of snow."

3rd place
Lenny Mendola: "A snowy scene looking across a bridge on Douglass campus." 

Photo Contest

Each Month the club holds a photo contest. Members can send in a photo, normally each month has a theme, and during the monthly club meeting, members will vote on their favorite photos. The winner walks away with a prize!

February Photo Contest

1st place – Alex Calamia
“A multi-colored cirrus cloud, the result of a perfectly placed circumzenithal arc in the evening sky. July 2015- NYC”

2nd place – Nicole Tallman
“A thunderstorm panorama”

3rd place – Claudia Pukropski
“Up above the clouds”

Quick Links

Here our some quick links to access different Rutgers Meteorology related academics and activities

Group Trips

Rutgers Meteorology Club takes 3 trips each year. These trips are to expand student knowledge of what to expect after graduation. Hotel and transportation is provided for club members, and these trips normally take place from a Friday to Sunday afternoon.

The fall trip occurs in the fall semester towards the end of October/ beginning of November. Some of the trips have included visits to AccuWeather in State College PA, the Blue Hills Observatory near Boston, visiting private weather firms down in Washington D.C., plus many more. Any active member of our club is allowed to join in on the group trips, which are great ways to learn more about the working field of Meteorology and to gain connections. The group trips are also a great bonding experience between club members, and students are able to explore the city that we visit.

The second trip is only available to junior and seniors who have taken or are currently taking the class Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere. This trip is the annual AMS (American Meteorological Society) where meteorologists from all sectors (including private, public, and governmental) come together to share research, weather safety ideas, plus more. This annual event is a great way for students to network with future employers, fellow students, and different researchers. The club encourages for every junior and senior to attend this week long conference which takes place in a different city each year. This years conference in January 2016, is being held in New Orleans.

The third trip that the club takes is in the spring normally during the first few weeks of March. This trip called NorthEast Storms is another annual conference that takes place over a weekend. This is a much smaller conference compared to AMS- but all members of the club are able to participate, there are no requirements except being an active member. Again, students are able to network to meet different researchers, employers, and talk to fellow students and different faculty members.

2016 Annual NE Storms Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY

2016 Annual AMS conference in New Orleans, LA

2015 Fall Trip to the Blue Hills Observatory

2015 Annual AMS conference in Phoenix AZ

2015 Spring NorthEast Storms Conference

2014 Fall Trip to AccuWeather

Our Outreach

As a local chapter of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association, we try to do our part to enrich the local community through science. Our outreach programs include events on campus, such as Rutgers Day, Cook/Douglass Community Day, and the Rutgers Involvement Fair. We also partake in many teaching opportunities aimed toward the youth of the community by visiting local schools, and also giving school tour groups showing children the Rutgers Weather Station located at Rutgers Gardens, and showing them around the WeatherWatchers studio where forecasts are broadcasted for the public. 

To enrich our own knowledge of meteorology, we take annual club trips to the Northeast Storms Conference and American Meteorological Society Conference as well as other short meteorology related trips. More information about our trips can be found under the Group Trips tab. 

Fall 2015 Involvement Fair. Every year Rutgers hosts an involvement fair for students to learn about the different clubs and activities students can participate in. Rutgers Meteorology club had a table where we displayed our famous tornado in a bottle, plus Kevin Gaynor showed off our new experiment Weather in a Tank. 

October 2015 tour for Nutley Middle School. 30 children toured our Rutgers Weather Station at Rutgers Gardens, and the WeatherWatchers studio

About Us

The Rutgers University Meteorology Club is a part of the Department of Environmental Sciences in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University. We strive to provide academic support for students in the major and is an organization for any Rutgers University students who are interested in Meteorology. The club is an official local chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association and as such we strive to apply the knowledge gained within the classroom and as a club to teach the community about Meteorology and the importance of science in general. We have meetings approximately once a month where we discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, and often have either a guest speaker or games. All Rutgers students who are interested are welcomed to stop by at any of our meetings and be a part of the Rutgers Meteorology Club! 

The first fall 2015 meeting of the Rutgers Meteorology Club